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In you I see the stars,
As your smile makes me see the light,
That illuminates the path to my heart,
The gloomy path no one dares to trail.

Deep in me I feel the sensation,
Of your heart so warm and tender,
That has out fawned the chill I had,

Budding Poets

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We are a group of poets who believe that Poetry is a journey that should not be travelled alone. We help each other sharpen their pen skills and are happy to share our experiences on issues that affect us (and society)through poetry. Feel free to comment and share our poems through the links below each poem.

The Journey

"I am a Computer Science Student at the School of Computing and Informatics at the University of Nairobi with an interest in web technologies. This website was started back in mid 2015 with an aim to put into practice what I learn in development and design. A year later I started posting poems here, and since late last year, I have been joined by other wonderful poets from Kenya and one from Zimbabwe. From then, it has become active everyday with daily updates from these amazing people who are passionate about and best at what they do.

This is where Passion and Talent Meet. For me, it is a place I can enjoy both my talent (poetry) and interest (development). Every three months, we update this site to conform with design and usability standards and optimise it for our readers to whom we are Imensely Grateful. We are grateful for your presence, comments that really motivate and correct us and your feedback that helps us make this a better and more secure place for you."

Rapando C Samson

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